I fucking LOVE books

Talking about the love of books. With a lot of swearing.


C.B. Blanchard (Anninyn)  is a writer and blogger who lives in the UK. Obsessed with the apocalypse, she is one of the main writers and reviewers (and PR GURU) for ICoS, a popular post apocalyptic lifestyle/humour blog. She also writes 1/4 of blog serial Dusk: Origins, and is writing a novel. Phew!

Her love affair with books has been going on since the day her parents taught her to read, almost before she could talk. She finds it impossible to comprehend people who don’t like to read, and treats them as the strange alien race she secretly believes them to be.

She spends 50% of her disposable income on books, and thinks the best bit about reviewing fiction is that she gets sent them free.

Sometimes, she wishes she could have sex with words.

I fucking LOVE books came about due to a desire to have somewhere she could talk about books and what they mean to her, in all the ways they mean it.  Not many people understand it, but here she hopes to explain. Updates Mon, Wed and Fri, barring disaster or inspiration.

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