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The perfect writer’s cat.

My cat Anne is curled up on my lap, purring gently. Occasionally she looks up at me with wide, orange eyes and I feel like the most awesome person in the world.

She is patient, while I write – I have successfully trained her out of her habit of trying to bite my moving fingers. When I want a break I just need to reach down and stroke her. When it’s hard, or stressful or I don’t know what, her gentle purrs keep me grounded.

At least of of my new cats has ended up being the perfect Writer’s Cat and I didn’t think it’d be this one.

It’s important for us writers to have something else in the house to love. All that time spent alon in our own little worlds can make us srtange and disconnected. Having something else to rely on us keeps us grounded. Besides, when we start to get pretentious or self-indulgent there is nothing like the fart of an animal to ground us. Fuck, Cat, how do you turn a high-quality diet into something that smells like that?

If you are looking for your house animal, may I suggest a cat. In a lot of ways they are a good writers pet. Quiet, self-contained, requiring not much more than a warm lap, some good food and the occasional stroke. If you work a little harder and send out some more submissions you might even be able to afford their shots, neutering and insurance. Plus, they’re pretty damn good at reminding you you are not the most important artiste who has ever lived. They are.


(The blog is still alive, but it shall be only be updated on occasion. Also, I have a review blog now. Check it out.)

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