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Talking about the love of books. With a lot of swearing.

Rainy Day Books

On cold, rainy days when you don’t have to work, there is nothing better than a book. I have a tendency to wrap myself in a quilt on the sofa, use the fact that it’s raining as an excuse not to go for a run (My ankles are weak and I might twist one!) put on the TV to something like The Mentalist – something I can enjoy and follow with only a quarter of my attention – and read something. Usually not a new book, but something I’ve read a dozen times before. Something comforting.


However, my choices on the comforting may seem odd to other people, so I will explain them here. This will be very dull unless you enjoy people gushing about books and writers, and if you don’t – why are you reading this blog?

So, below the cut, I will explain.

Anything by Terry Pratchett: Not just ‘funny fantasy’, Terry Pratchett is an expert on human nature and often a vicious satiriser of our current lives. His Discworld books, especially, are reflections of our world. But, even with that and his cynical humour the good guys win, even if they lose a lot in the process. Also, very funny.

Misery and The Shining by Stephen King: My two favourite King books, at least for rainy days. They may not seem very comforting – they are, after all, horror, but if you’ve read them as many times as I have, it becomes clear that though the stories are bleak, the endings are about hope and redemption.

The Lady Julia Grey Mysteries by Deanna Raybourne: Something I love with all my heart and soul is historical murder mysteries, especially ones with a healthy dollop of romance. This love was started as a child with the Cadfael stories when I was quite young, and now whenever I’m miserable or in need of some security, I read one. The Julia Grey mysteries aren’t brilliant books, but they are breezy, witty and fun, with a good romance, a relatable main character and lots of description of victorian fashion. Oh, and murder. Perfect.

Tipping the Velvet and Fingersmith by Sarah Waters: Know how I said I like historical murder mysteries? I also like historical lesbian love stories/mysteries. THAT IS SUPER SPECIFIC. But these hit the spot. Again, good stories where everything ends up as it should. I liked Night Watch, Affinity and The Little Stranger too, but they’re less straight forward and a little more depressing, so not so much for the Rainy Day.


That’s not a full list, but it should give you an idea. I also have a tendency to read non fiction on rainy days, but that list is for another time.

What are your rainy day reads?



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